Exam Study Guide: SDP (6.0) – SAFe® DevOps Practitioner

Exam Study Guide: SDP (6.0) – SAFe® DevOps Practitioner


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Exam Format

  • Questions are structured in a multiple choice, single select format
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Practice Test Format

  • Format reflects the same number of questions, level of difficulty, timebox, and domain areas as the exam
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Details are subject to change at any time

Duration90 minutes
Number of Questions45
Passing Score73%
DeliveryWeb-based, closed book, no outside assistance
AccessLearning Plan (after course completion)
CostFirst attempt included in the course registration fee if taken within 30 days of course completion
Retake Fee$50; $250 for SPC
Retake PolicyFirst retake – May be taken immediately after the first failed attempt. Second retake – May be taken 10 days after the first retake.Third retake – May be taken 30 days after the second retake. All subsequent retakes require a 30-day wait.
Introducing DevOps(13-15%)Explain the problem to be solvedDefine DevOps and its benefitsExplain continuous security and testingSummarize the SAFe CALMR approach to DevOpsLesson 1
Value Stream Mapping (15-17%)Explain the purpose of mapping a Value StreamAnalyze the health of your development value streamLesson 2
Continuous Exploration (25-27%)Create Solution hypothesesSummarize how to collaborate and research Customer needsDefine how to architect the Solution for continuous deliveryDemonstrate how to synthesize Solution ideas into ART Backlog Features Utilize WSJF to prioritize a DevOps backlogLesson 3
Continuous Integration (15-17%)Explain how to develop the SolutionSummarize how to build continuouslyPlan how to test end-to-endSummarize how to stage the Solution for deploymentLesson 4
Continuous Deployment (15-17%)Summarize how to deploy to productionExplain how to verify the SolutionPlan how to monitor the health of the SolutionExplain how to respond and recoverLesson 5
Release on Demand (11-13%)Explain how to release value to CustomersSummarize how to stabilize the Solution Explain how to measure the business valueSummarize how to learn from feedback and relentlessly improveLesson 6